Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Opening Credits

Produced by Super-nova Studios

Editing - C-JAM Studios

Directed by Alex Long

Written by James Doughty

Sound - Marlon Huseyin-Sharp

Cinematography - Chris Woods

Starring -
James Doughty
Chris Woods
Alex Long

Analysis of Foreign Thriller Film

Monday, 14 March 2011

Editing Timetable

After recieving feedback from Amar and Tanya about our rough cut, I think that within the next week we should look at improving certain aspects of our original thriller idea.

First of all, we need to go out again and film some more shots (shots of empty corridors etc), to go with the opening credits. Also, we need to film Alex's voiceover for the opening part of our scene where the audio is bombarded with questions being asked by the victims psychiatrist.

After these have been done, we need to start quickly inset these into our original rough cut, and then think about the credits and underlying music.

While Marlon works on the music, the rest of us should work on inserting the credits and take our time with it, because otherwise we risk it looking too 'tacky' and amateur.

Once everything is done and rendered, it's time to upload to our blog, and then finish the blog itself by adding and updating existing posts.

Feedback from Amar & Tanya

Things to improve:
  • Need to add more music underneath the opening sequence to build up the ending music
  • Establishing shots/introduction to psychiatrist as this scene is only one shot and is 1 minute long, so we need to keep the audience interested.
  • More questions from psychiatrist
  • Ending is trailer-like
Positive feedback:

  • Good camera shots and cuts (camera remains focused on the victim during the psychiatrist scene)
  • Good acting (psychiatrist scene)
  • Good sound, works well with the cuts (ending)
  • Ending is trailer-like (makes you want to keep watching)

What kind of cinema would your film be released in?

I think that the kind of cinema this film would be released in would be a picturehouse, because it's technically an indie film done on a low budget.

However, if the budget were to be increased, there was more advertisement and good chance of high profit, then the film would be relased in a multiplex cinema, with the main intention of making money.

Thriller Rough Cut